… Jean Craig Long

          Meditation Instructor

Peace is our natural state of being. Meditation opens a pathway there. Meditation is effective for reducing stress, relieving worry, doubt, and fear, as a tool for pain management, to increase clarity and focus, and much more.


For Jean, meditation is a life practice and fundamental aspect of her spiritual journey – evolving everyday in conscious awareness. She is deeply committed to evolutionary spirituality to access and explore depths of inner truth, authenticity and freedom. She studied intensively with Integral Enlightenment founder, Craig Hamilton, and she engages with the Integral community in a dynamic international spiritual community. She is certified as an Agent of Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard, president of the Foundation of Conscious Evolution. Teachers and mentors include Andrew Cohen, Thomas Hubl, Jean Houston, Gloria Karpinski, Wayne Dyer, and Alan Seale, and others, in an ever-widening spiral of personal expansion.


Jean teaches meditation as a heart-centered way to quiet the mind and build capacities for accessing one’s inner guidance. She leads with a voice that centers, calms, and guides participants to an inner space of peace that is always present. She helps participants gain access to who they truly are at their core. Her style is one of allowing, expanding, healing, and exploring without expectation – and through her use of visualizations, guided and silent meditations, beginners as well as seasoned meditation practitioners are supported.


She teaches beginning meditation, leads group meditation, and offers private sessions as well.

“We are infinitely more creative, powerful and interconnected than we realize. Meditation opens those channels of pure potential that show us who we Really are…and inspire us to engage from that place with spiritual confidence, wisdom and vision. This is how we build the new world…” Jean Craig Long


“It is wonderful to sit in a room with Jean and be led to a place that is totally still and quiet and full of Divine love. Meditating with her has significantly improved the quality of my own practice. I have meditated solo for years and find that by attending Jean’s group meditation, the quality of my meditation has deepened considerably. Positive changes are taking place in my life because I am accessing a deeper, truer place within.” Janice