Meditation Series with Jean

NEW 6-week long sessions for group meditation.


Long-time teacher, meditation practitioner, and friend of Wellbeing, Jean Long, continues leading group meditations with insight, gentle guidance, and empowering support. Feedback from past participants includes comments about achieving a greater sense of calm, better sleep, lower blood pressure, a quieter mind, better pain management, decreased anxiety, more confidence, and a deeper sense of joy and freedom.


The first session begins Tuesday, January 26 at 7 pm and runs for 6-weeks with the last practice on Tuesday, March 1.
The second 6-week group will meet each Thursday at 1 pm beginning January 28 and run through Thursday, March 3.


Your upfront payment of $35 covers one session each week for 6 weeks.


Both of these practices are open to beginners and seasoned practitioners; everyone is welcome as we build a community of unity. So that we may keep admin costs as low as possible, we do not offer refunds or transfers.


Registration and advance payment by January 19, is requested. Please secure your spot with check (payable to Jean Long) or cash delivered to Wellbeing Natural Health. You may also pay with debit/credit by contacting Jean Long, 704-661-2026.


If you have questions, please contact Jean Long by phone or email: .

Twin Hearts Meditation with Uni Smith

First and third Tuesdays of the month at 7:30PM

Twin Hearts Meditation is an advanced, guided meditation technique for individuals 16 years and older, with the focus on an act of service and loving-kindness to promote peace in the world. Some of the benefits of meditation include inner peace and tranquility, improved health, better sleep, clearer thinking, and decreased stress. Please join us! Love donation only. Uni Smith is an Insurance Sales Professional and has worked in sales for over 20 years. She says,

“My occupation was draining me physically, emotionally and mentally. I was seeking something to help ease the stress in my daily life. I was introduced to the Twin Hearts Meditation in March of 2013. The difference it made in my life was immediate and simply incredible. I have been practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation almost daily since.”


Since practicing this meditation, Uni has cultivated more love, peace, joy, patience, balance, and good health in her life, AND she’s still in insurance sales! The Twin Hearts Meditation has truly blessed Uni’s life, so she decided that she would like to be in and of service to others by teaching others how this simple guided mediation can bless them too.

Restorative Yoga for Self Care and Client Support


  • Saturday, October 31st
  • “Or” Sunday, November 29th 

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Massage Therapy – 8 CE’s

Learn techniques to relieve stress for yourself and your clients through Restorative Yoga: support your self-healing and deep relaxation. You will also take home a short series of yoga postures to help improve posture and help to elevate back and shoulder pain.

When you leave this workshop you will:

Be knowledgeable about the “set-up” for four supported yoga postures that will quiet the mind, release the pelvis and shoulders, relieve tension in the neck and back.

You will also:

  • Learn ways to calm the nervous system and the mind.
  • Releases tension in the upper back and shoulders
  • Learn effective sequences to relieve and help shoulder problems
  • Experience simple postures for improving posture
  • Explore the use of breath to relax/release your natural healing forces
  • Take home a series of yoga postures to practice daily

Christina Maniccia, ERYT 500
Restorative Yoga Teacher/Trainer

Christina Maniccia
PO Box 345
Davidson, NC 28036
Please make checks out to Christina Maniccia

Workshop will be held at:
Wellbeing Natural Health
13531 Mayes Rd.
Huntersville, NC 28078

Course Outline

  • Opening and introductions
  • Gentle Hatha yoga class from hand out (short class)
  • Postures for shoulders, releasing tension, improving posture

Group will be divided into Group A and Group B – 1st Group A will set up Group B in the pose. There will be a teaching moment, adjustments will be made to all, then Group B will set up Group A. This will be the protocol for the entire class.

  • 1st Restorative Posture – Side lying pose –
    *First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.
  • 2nd Restorative Posture – Inclined Angle –
    First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.
  • 3rd Restorative Posture – Supported Bridge
  • 4th Restorative Posture – Savasana
    First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.


  • 5th Restorative Posture – Legs up the wall
    *First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.
  • 6th Restorative Posture – Supported Child’s pose
    First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.
  • 7th Restorative Posture – Instant Maui – First A Group then B Group with teaching moments before and after each set up.


Set yourself up – Practice setting your self up – hints and ideas
Each person sets themselves up for a pose this time.

  • Restorative Posture – Instant Maui
  • Restorative Posture – Savasana
  • Restorative Posture of your choice

If time allows: Breathing techniques

Review and Q and A


Early Bird: $99.00 after October 5, $115.00. Only 6 participants. Register early!!

Payment must be made in full to be registered.

Refund policy: All cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee, due to the small size of the class, cancellations received AFTER OCT. 8, will NOT BE REFUNDED BUT RESCHEDULE WOULD BE POSSIBLE. I will hold this class 3 times in 2016.


The "Star System"

The “Star System” and It’s Challenge to our Sense of Self.


We live in a competitive culture where only certain ones may shine as stars. In the family it might be a parent, a sibling. In school it is the star scholar or the star athlete. In the working world it is the CEO or the Vice sports the star athlete. In the popular culture, it is the slim model or movie star. We are all touched by the “Star System” in some way.


In this hour and a half workshop we will each individually discover where it is that we have dimmed our own light and learn to recover our true sense of our True Light which emanates from our True Self.


Please join us on Saturday, November 8 from 10:30AM until noon at Wellbeing. The fee is $30 per person, and space is limited. Please call 704-892-5002 to reserve a spot, or if you have questions please call Phyllis at 704-597 3769.

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