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oriental dieteticsThe following are holistic self-care plans!
(Nothing on this website is meant to take the place of medical care. Please talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine, diet, nutritional supplements, or herbs.)

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    Inflammatory foods to be limited or avoided: Dairy [cultured dairy (yogurt, sour cream), goat’s milk and its products, or unpasturized dairy (not available except off the farm) are OK in small amounts] Night shades: eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and white potatoes (ONLY EAT THESE EVERY 3-7......

  • Breathing Stretching Exercises

    Morning “Exercise” These gentle stretches and breathing exercises are wonderful to do each morning to gently wake the body and mind. None of these should feel painful or even difficult. They should feel good.   Try to do these each morning before you begin your......

  • Treatment Plan for Hypertension

    Dietary Suggestions Eat until you are 70% full, then leave the table Eat your last meal BEFORE 7PM Chew your food thoroughly. Try the trick of chewing the first bites of any meal 50 times, and then chew the rest of the meal normally. DO......

  • Stop Smoking Program

    Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking!! Some facts to encourage you on this path: Cigarette smoking is the most important risk factor for cancer and heart disease. It is considered to be the number one cause of death in America. The more cigarettes smoked......

  • Celiac Disease and a Gluten-free Diet

    Some seemingly random symptoms (like chronic loose stools, fatigue, migrating joint pain, headaches, chronic allergies, and frequent kidney stones) can point to chronic systemic inflammation and sensitivity in the gut.   There is a condition called Celiac Disease that is caused by a sensitivity to......

  • Holistic Self-Care for the Breast Cancer Survivor

    Dietary:  The best diet is based on variety and local, organic foods that are in season. Also, it is important to ENJOY your food. Find a farmer’s market and have fun trying new things. Avoid too much raw or cold foods and drinks. For damp......

  • Post-Gallbladder Removal Diet Suggestions

    Try to include a good soluble fiber supplement in your diet (like Inulin). They should have some to offer at your local health food store or pharmacy. Try to find a supplement that does not contain any insoluble fiber. Modified citrus pectin is a good......

  • Holistic Diabetic Self-Care

    Limit or avoid saturated fats, dairy products, fatty meats, greasy foods, and fried foods. Avoid weight loss diets and instead focus on eating well. Try to come up with a meal plan for yourself that allows you to have at least three good meals a......

  • The Tiger Game

    The Tiger game is a Qi Gong exercise that helps kids (and adults) stay healthy during the fall. The Tiger is the animal associated with the Lungs and with autumn. This exercise helps give the lungs a workout and build the immune system. It can......

  • Anti-Herpes Diet

    When you are over-tired, over-stressed, or fighting off an illness you need to remove any foods that tax your digestive system so that your body can heal itself. The general rule for following a healthy diet is finding whole (unprocessed), local, organic, fresh foods that......


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