… Katie Mattson

          Momentum Coach

headshot2Coach Katie Mattson is the Momentum Coach at Momentum Coaching. She believes that we each connect best with the world when allow our natural selves to emerge and strive to understand our innate strengths. Life is so much easier when we speak the truth that is bubbling up inside of us, begging to be given a voice. She does this work because she loves nothing more than seeing you [re]spark that inner fire that helps you find your momentum and helps you feel alive again in your life, wellness and career.


In 2003, Katie earned a BFA in Graphic Design from James Madison University. In 2005, she went back to school for coaching and graduated from Coach University in 2006 from their Core Essentials Program. She was awarded an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation in 2007. She also served for three years on the board of the Charlotte Area International Coach Federation Chapter.


Coaching is a natural fit for Katie and it has become an integral part of who she is. Just ask Cristin, who has been a life/business coaching client since 2010! (She said it was okay to tell you) A big part of her purpose is to help you find Momentum in your life. And to guide you to communicate, act and live from your natural self. Every. Day.


Katie has courses to help you find momentum in the following ways: 

  • Free Guide
    Access Katie’s top coaching secrets on how to create a life of momentum, passion and magic! Her gift to you to start creating Momentum now!
  • Core Strengths Career Coaching Program
    For Career Changers tired of missing out on the life you wish you had because of the sacrifices you have to make for a job you hate. Reconnect to your core self and find momentum in a career you love.
  • Designed For Momentum Business Coaching Program
    For business owners ready to create momentum in your marketing. Master your message. Gain visibility. Connect with your customers. Create systems and packages that support your success.
  • Creating Adventure Life Coaching Program
    For my adventurers. Reconnect to your natural self. Awaken your adventurous self. Embrace your strengths. Own your confidence. Amp up your communication. Connect to what makes you feel alive.