Anti-Herpes Diet

When you are over-tired, over-stressed, or fighting off an illness you need to remove any foods that tax your digestive system so that your body can heal itself. The general rule for following a healthy diet is finding whole (unprocessed), local, organic, fresh foods that are in season. Also, it is important to eat a variety of foods every week. It is best to rotate foods in and out, allowing for a wide variety of nutrients and flavors. I suggest finding a good farmer’s market near you and shopping there for your produce. That way, you’ll be sure to eat a variety of foods that are in season and that come from a source you can trust.

L-Arginine-containing foods to be avoided during times of stress: Chocolate, nuts (especially peanuts and almonds), seeds, onions, garlic, peanut butter, coconut, oranges, beer


L-Lysine-containing foods to be enjoyed in moderation: Whole eggs, yogurt, fish, turkey


Supplements to take during a breakout:

  • L-Lysine (L-Arginine feeds the virus and Lysine competes with it)
  • Vitamin C
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